Focus Areas


Research in support of human rights activities

MHRRC strongly believes that good and effective development work is based on sound and through analysis of issues. To this end, apart from developing capacity in research methodologies and skills through training, the Centre has undertaken and support a number of specific research projects aimed at deepening CSO understanding of core issues


Facilitating networking among human rights NGOs

MHRRC has also been involved in a number of networking initiatives with CSOs and governance institutions within Malawi and the African region as follows:           

(i)   Coordination of National Networks:

Training and counseling in human rights and gender and internships

(i) Training and Counseling

Since 1997, MHRRC has activity engaged in providing capacity building support to partner CSOs through training and counseling. MHRRC has provided advise and counseling to complement all the areas that it has provided training and grant funding