Who we Are

Who we Are

The Malawi Human Rights Resource Cen­tre (MHRRC) is a local Non- Governmen­tal, not for profit organization registered under the Trustees Incorporation Act and administered by a Board of Trustees.

We were established to build capacity in the field of human rights through:

Promoting education and skills train­ing in human rights with a focus on human rights Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), institu­tions and individuals.

Managing grants made available to human rights NGOs and CBOs from donors within and outside Malawi.

Raising and acquiring funds from any legitimate source and disburse the same in furtherance of its objectives.

Supporting Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in civic education in democracy and human rights.

Promoting legal reform for laws which have a bearing on enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Carrying out research in the field of human rights with the ultimate aim of informing and influencing policy change, human rights advocacy and human rights projects.

Promoting liaison between NGOs and cooperating partners.

Supporting human rights projects and programs with a view of foster­ing a culture of respect for the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms in Malawi; and

Carrying out such other activities as are ancillary or incidental to any or all of the above activities.

Where are we coming from?

We were established in September 1997 with the overall objective of promoting and strengthening the culture of human rights in Malawi. We work with civil soci­ety organizations to effectively support the developing democracy which was adopted in Malawi in 1993.

We contribute towards the consolidation of channels of free expression and other rights for the citizens by working with and building the capacity of CSOs working in the area of human rights.

This is being done against a background and realization that prior to 1993, the year the country embraced multiparty democ­racy, NGOs and CSOs promoting human rights never existed and freedom of ex­pression and other rights were severely curtailed.

Thus, almost all human rights NGOs and other CSOs continue to need capacity and resource support as they are still in their early stages of development, having only come into being after 1993. This includes those NGOs which may have graduated into fully fledged organizations but still require scaled up support at their current levels of operation.

Among other things, we have acquired ex­perience and reputation in project grant disbursement and management. Since 1996, MHRRC has disbursed a total of more than 130 project grants.

Through such grants, we have supported the development of a large number of CSOs in Malawi, some of which have grad­uated and now classified as CSOs capable of mobilizing and effectively managing re­sources from donor partners. We enjoy a strong reputation and goodwill in the CSO community as an excellent development partner.

Through these partnerships, we have pro­moted effective human rights program­ming and advocacy. We believe that the observance of human rights will in turn promote respect for human dignity, equal­ity and ultimately bring about prosperity for the Malawi nation.

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